Enrolling Now for November, 2021.

Next intake: 02/11/2021

Time: 4.00pm

Day: Tuesday

Length: Four weeks

Students per class: 2 Max

If you love to draw characters and would like to see them move across the screen, then you will love this course!

What you will learn:

  • What hardware and software that you need to create your animated characters with
  • Learn about basic animation concepts such as squash and stretch; anticipation and staging
  • Understand how timing and volume can add life to your character's movements
  • Learn all about key frames and how they can help plan your sequence of drawings

Make Your Character Bounce Across the Screen!

Check out what students will learn through out the four weeks!


Class Experience

What is FlipaClip?


In this four week course students will learn how to animate a cartoon character that bounces across the screen. The main focus will learning the animation principle Squash and Stretch which give characters the impression of a fluid exaggerated feel to their movements.

Experience required

Students don't need any experience for this class, however, having some knowledge of drawing and their way around a tablet/iPad will be beneficial.

Teaching Style

Fun, engaging and inspirational! No student will be left behind!

There will be worksheets available to use that will help students understand the fundamentals of animation and drawing

Tech Setup

In order to do well in this course students will need to have the app FlipaClip that can be download from both app stores here:



There is a free and paid version for under $20

Students will also need an Android tablet or iPad with matching stylus/pencil to draw their animations with and a device/computer to view the class with.

Age Group

I have chosen 9 and up due to the possible difficulty of the class, parents will need to make sure that the tech setup is ready to go before the start date. I will be happy to help set this up if you are having trouble.

Weekly Goals

Students will have weekly goals to complete at the end of each class and will be required to take a screen shot or export their animations when asked

Course Breakdown

Week One - Learn the fundamental tools of FlipaClip; introduce students to each other; share any ideas/characters they have and begin our first animation!

Week Two - Learn the animation Squash and Stretch principle and begin drawing your key frames; discuss ideas and scenarios with other students

Week Three - Continue with adding drawings to your key frames; exploring and sharing ideas with other students

Week Four - Add the final details to your character, learn how to export your final animation.

Added Bonus

All students that enrol on my course get a free copy of The Bumper Cartoon Project Book to practice their drawings with.