The Ultimate Cartoon Project Book: Creative Projects for Cartoonists

Age group: Boys 8 -14 years.

Activity and project book with 8 hours of tutorials to complete!

Each project has been market tested by at least 1000 students in Rob's after school workshops.

Have you ever wondered how to draw a Nuclear Waste Guy? Or perhaps thought, how should I draw that new airship I've been meaning to do for the last year? Well my friend your wait has ended!

Rob Mcleay Cartoon Workshops presents The Ultimate Cartoon Project Book. Each project has been crafted by Rob Mcleay then tested by each and everyone of his 100 students that he teaches on a weekly basis at his after school workshops.

This is no ordinary learn to draw book, it goes that one step further by introducing newbies to the world of drawing for animation and games. His simple, straight to the point projects, fluff away all the boring bits and gets right into the good stuff!