What is Pixlr?

Pixlr is a lot like Adobe Photoshop, with less features and is free. If you are considering to launch your career in the graphic design industry but don't want to drop 100 bucks a month on Adobe Creative Suite just yet, then this is the course for you!

Meet Weekly for 30 Minute Zoom Sessions

This is a blended learning course.

An important part of students growth is to receive critical feedback. This helps with getting over drawing blocks, hurdles and technical challenges. Projects can be submitted to the marking portal aka The Critique Area and are then analysed and returned back with action steps to get better.

Students are more than welcome to submit as much content as they want and can book a 30 minute weekly Zoom chat to discuss completed work and future projects.

Course Content

Students focus on how to use tools in Pixlr to create a trading card game and design the loading screen of a video game app.

Students will be required to watch all videos, complete the tutorials/projects and then post their work to The Critique Area where I will be providing feedback and ideas. It is here you can book a one on one session via Zoom.

Design a Pirate Trading Card Game

Part One - Understanding PIXLr & Project Pirate Trading Cards

As being the first class, I will go over the fundamental tools and the basics around file management and naming conventions.

In this project, I will be introducing students to the world of trading cards with the theme focused on Pirates of the Caribbean

Students will be given a real world “scope” and be asked to be the art directors of digital design company

Learn how to Design Loading Screens for Games

Part Two - Game Project – Goblins User Interface (UI) Theme

In Goblins UI we move on to designing the user interface of an “Elves and Goblin” game!

Students will be given a real world “scope” and be asked to be the art directors of digital games company

Choose a Pricing Option


On Demand Full Access

I don't need Mentoring, Live Stream session and Specialist Tutor Support, just the videos thanks!


Four Week Course

Catch up weekly with founder Rob McLeay

If you are looking for a little bit extra ZOOOSH, feedback, critique on your work, then this is a good option. Everyweek students can arrange a time with Rob via Zoom for a personal, one on one catch up.